Friday, January 24, 2014

Why You Should Rush

By: Norman Chen, AARCC Campus Outreach Coordinator
As the spring semester starts up again, returning UIC students have been greeted by flurries of snow and tons of new opportunities from organization on campus. An intricate part of the start of each semester is RUSH, a designated time for Greek organizations to recruit and put their name out there.
But, what exactly is rush? To be clear, Rush is NOT pledging! There is absolutely no commitment to rushing a fraternity or sorority. Many rush events are completely free of charge and are a great way to meet people on campus! The main point of rush is to drum up interest for a potential class, however, the majority of the Asian-interest organization on campus are more interested in getting to know YOU.

While many people look at the sole purpose of rush to be recruitment, many organizations actually look it as a chance to gain traction on campus. With many of the Greek organizations hosting and participating in events for the semester, especially in Asian American Awareness month, rush allows them to attract interest and a potential audience. So, if you are interested in learning more about Greek orgs, specifically the ones we have on campus, it’s a great idea to go rush! Even if you do not end up joining, it is great to be able to have gain networking experience, which will eventually benefit you in life after college (aka, “the real world”).
If you do consider joining, please take a look at the 7 wonderful Asian-interest Greek organizations that we have on campus! While there are many choices on campus to going Greek, I believe that these organizations are invested in not only building culturally relevant leaders but also giving back to the community. They are a frequent presence at AARCC and host many annual events for Asian American Awareness month like Mr. and Mrs. Asiansensation!
Whether you have a sincere desire to join or are just browsing, rush is the perfect time to meet people and develop friendships that you might otherwise be able to! On a commuter campus such as ours, it becomes increasingly hard to meet and make friends after classes have ended. With rush, not only is the choice ultimately yours, but the potential memories may be some of the best you ever have of college. And best of all, FREE FOOD!
For rush information for the 7 Asian American interest sororities and fraternities on campus, click below!

(Listed alphabetically)
alpha Kappa Delta Phi

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  1. Thanks, Norman for talking more about rush. When I pledged a local sorority, all of my friends were shocked, but it was definitely a highlight of my college experience. I met a whole other group of people I know I wouldn't have met; I also increased my leadership to become President. - liz